Frequently Asked Questions & Terminology

Questions? We have the answer.

If using Highland Family Medicine Direct is new to you, you may have some questions. Here are some common questions, terms and their answers.


All visits are billed as required by insurance. It is illegal not to bill for office visits or house calls. Billing for non-covered services are subject to advanced beneficiary notification rules.


e-consults can be a valuable supplement to healthcare but can never substitute for a necessary office visit. Any contact will be quickly decided on if it requires an office visit.

e-consults- Separate Issues

e-consults for a new separate problem unrelated to a recent visit are billable under the web-only Highland Medicine Direct plan at a reduced out of office rate


Highland Medicine Direct fees are for all web access and interactions only.

Highland Medicine Direct –plus fees are for web access and after hours contact.

Patient Equality

All patients will be treated equally regardless of which practice style they are in and will receive all off the usual and customary services they are used to having as mandated by your individual insurance plans.


Soapware is our electronic medical record software.


Updox is the portal vendor recommended by soapware and contracted by Highland Family practice. With Updox’s encryption technology and privacy policy, the confidentiality of your personal information is protected more securely than either telephone or regular e-mail.

Web Contact

Most web contact will be to follow-up on issues raised during the office visit for continuity of care and not billable.

Web Messages

Highland medicine direct web messages are only answered during regular work hours, it may be ok to leave prescription requests after hours; but it wouldn’t be appropriate to leave a message about a medical problem after hours. This will not be viewed and could jeopardize your health if no phone contact was made. Highland medicine direct_ plus contact after hours should be by text or phone primarily. Email could take 24 hours to respond.

Yearly assessment

The comprehensive yearly assessment visit is billed as per usual insurance filing.