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We are offering a model of primary care that puts you in charge of your health in an efficient and meaningful way with your physician. This relationship-centered care with your physician and care team establishes a relationship beyond office visits. By having continual communication with you, your physician will better understand your health needs. Extended face-to-face time with your physician and personalized focus on your health concerns are important parts of this model.

Enhanced two-way out of office communication with physician and staff via web access is the main difference from the traditional style of practice and Highland Medicine Direct. The days of phone communication for medical care are a much smaller part of a person’s overall health care. Enhanced access means e-consult and follow-up where appropriate for both acute and chronic disease management. Ability to review results including lab, xray, and other testing. Continuously updated medical record. You will also be able to request medications and refills,(no more refill fees). Also you will be able to your request appointments and complete and update insurance information.

Enhanced access means access to our practice electronic medical record software-Soapware through a patient portal, Updox. You will be able to see your own medical history and will be given your own access code. And as mentioned above this two-way (patient to office and office to patient) access will be during regular work hours.

Patients who remain in the traditional practice will have 1 way access to their medical record information only; medication and problem lists through Soapware. Additionally all patients can go to our Highland Family Practice website for general medical information links and practice information.

All of this technology will add to improved medical care, improved personalized documentation, and improved efficiency.


This valuable supplement to health care includes all of the technological advantages of Highland Medicine Direct plus 24/7 phone/text/email contact with Dr. Pantelakos. You will be given his cell and home numbers. Your office visits will be more timely and comprehensive. This style of practice harkens back to an older method of individually-focused practice and also includes home visits if necessary.

My goal and yours is to maintain the highest quality medical care possible. Having the physician as a partner and coach is an ideal doctor-patient relationship. I will also be your advocate through enhanced physician to physician and physician to medical center communication . Fortunately North Carolina has some of the best medical centers in the country. This type of relationship has been shown statistically to lower hospitalization rates 65 to 80%. Please consider this exciting option.

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